Franca Baroni’s program “Mindless Practice for Lawyers” is an innovative program that brings tools for peace, harmony and calmness.  She offers groundbreaking tools that make sense. While other programs geared towards lawyers may teach us what to do with our brains, Dr. Baroni’s program connects us to our core with our hearts.  I fully endorse this program and think it should be practiced by all lawyers. I was in a deeply relaxed space for several days after the program and I have been using her tools ever since.  In her program, you connect on a deeper level and melt into harmony with your fellow lawyers.  Michele Carney, Lawyer


Dr. Baroni has a vast knowledge of her subject and is passionate about empowering people to go beyond their perceived limitations and access the wisdom in their being. She simplifies material that could be intellectual and complex and bring it to us in a simple direct applicable way.  I have been to many workshops and I can say that in the short time she had, this was one of the best. I loved how she effortlessly brought out our participation. She embodies what she teaches.  Robin Maynard-Dobbs, Coach

Dr. Baroni is a rare and exquisite gem of a woman, with equal and generous portions of intellect and insight. She is an old soul with rare gifts of keen intellectual perception and a magnificent, receptive and open heart. I have seen first-hand, on many occasions, and have experienced myself, the stirring and generative effect she has on people. This is her gift. She has considered things greatly, she has plumbed the depths. She has emerged with a point of view and a manifesto. Personally, I hope she will accept the mantel of a considered and rational spokesperson for the entire human race. The challenges we’ve created are beyond us. She is poised to become a visible and respected spokesperson, on behalf of us all. Danae Loran, Mediator


To read Franca’s books, or listen to her speak, moves me to experience the Voice of the Heart necessarily embracing and loving the fuller sense of becoming more human. Attend! Attend! I do.” Laurin Vance, Mediator


Testimonials for Private Sessions:

Franca served as a conduit of healing source for me.  Each session with her was powerful and effective unto itself; multiple sessions have had a synergistic effect. Often I had no set goal in mind as a desired outcome. I just trusted the connection between us; and sure enough, during our sessions and afterward, magic happens.  The shifts that have occurred within me cannot be described in mere words.  One must experience her work in order to know the skill of her craft.

Brenda Miller, Radical Awareness Coach, Seattle, WA

Franca Baroni is a gifted healer.  Her guided meditations are a magical journey, which lead you into the very heart of your being. Through her sessions, Franca is seemingly able to lift the energy shrouds that keep you stuck and free you of unnecessary baggage so you can move forward on your path.

Robin Rothenberg, Founder Essential Yoga Therapy, Fall City, WA

Franca was able to simultaneously comfort me while diving deep into my vulnerable core. Her healing and intuitive wisdom released negative build-up that had been disabling. Just days after our session, I returned to LA with positive, creative action. I started my own sketch comedy troupe, began writing 3 children’s books and was able to gently release unimportant draining relationships.

Farah Vamvakitis, Los Angeles, CA

Yes, Franca, is an attorney with a brilliant mind but what she has done for me went way beyond the use of her mind: with her glorious heart and amazing healing powers she profoundly and forever changed my life.

C.P.K, Miami, FL

Franca’s healings have granted me a fuller and more committed life. I now live in higher thresholds of joy and abundance than I ever thought possible.

LJC, Washington DC

At the age of 42, my sister was diagnosed with cancer.  One of my favorite things to do for my sister during her illness was driving her to the sessions with Franca because I saw the difference Franca’s magic had on her emotional well-being instantly. I am forever grateful to her for giving my sister the strength and comfort she so desperately needed during the most difficult time in her life.

 Ricca Poll, Mercer Island, WA