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Franca is passionate about spreading the understanding of cor publicum, the public heart. She is grateful for the opportunity to speak at your event. Her message is timeless and in her gentle and yet fierce ways she aims at anybody desiring a sustainable world of justice, freedom and happiness to be challenged into a new way of seeing, individually and collectively.

Her voice is directed at anybody, those who consider themselves at the cutting edge and those who are unfamiliar with this field. Her voice can reach individuals and collectives in all types of settings: government, academic, corporate, non-profit, grassroots, small groups, and even families. She can tailor her words to any group’s focus and interest. To maximize the impact of her message, she suggests a willingness to be genuinely curious and the courage to be vulnerable.

While she can offer a lecture-type speech upon request, she prefers to engage the participants experientially. For more details please click here.

Beautiful butterfly emerges from a cocoonFranca offers workshops ranging from two hours to two days to individuals and groups on how to introduce and strengthen heart-coherence and heart-intelligence for healthier organizations and systems. She also offers programs on how to introduce heart-intelligence into the legal practice and the current legal system.

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Franca approaches her intuitive sessions the same way she facilitates her writing and her appearances. There is no pre-meditated plan or agenda. She feels her way into the present moment in order for the non-linear YOU to emerge.

Franca looks at your energy field and listens deeply to what your heart essence is seeking to transform or receive, which often is different than what your mind is wanting. By exploring your gifts and your shadow side, she is able to midwife essential protocols for you to incorporate so you master the art of enjoying being YOU, humanly divine and divinely human.

Her goal is to provide you with the tools you can use in your daily life to maintain a heart-conscious state and flow – similar to the energy we see within the graceful dancer. In particular, she supports you through the big life transitions with the courage of a lion and the tenderness of a dove.

Because Franca is trained in a wide variety of transformative techniques and has deeply explored the inner landscape of her own issues, her unique methodology allows her to guide you in an authentic way.

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With her 15 year experience working for the National Public Radio in Switzerland as a moderator and national correspondent, she is available to host or moderate your events. Click here to inquire.

Stage Solo Performance of “ALIVE”
written by Franca Baroni, 2005

This inspiring 15 min play is the story of a serious, formal and logical art curator whose life is transformed by a painting of a wolf that is drawing her into an unknown creative world.  The wolf in the painting becomes the guide into an inner world of the art curator. Franca takes us on a journey to explore the tension between the mind (art curator) and the heart (wolf) …