“I think many of us get up in the morning dreading even a brief glance at the front page of a newspaper.  What is going on?  Our country’s political system has appeared to stop working, devolving into what only can be compared to a competition between two professional football teams. And the world looks even worse – economic collapse, starvation, car bombs placed beside elementary schools. With the resources, knowledge, science, sophisticated communications systems, and ability to quickly go anywhere on the planet, how could the world be so awful?  It seems it should be so much better for all of us.

In her visionary book, “On Governance,” author Franca Baroni gets to the very heart (no pun intended) of the problem.  For countless centuries, we have gotten it wrong.  Our governments have been constructed within a frame of unrestricted rationalism, unconnected to any fellow feeling – Which Ms. Baroni terms “heart wisdom” – and premised on a completely negative view of human nature as “all against all”, which has then become self fulfilling.

Make no mistake.  This is a serious work of political and legal philosophy.  Chapter by chapter the author works through her alternative to current government and the life within it, moving from basic concepts and terminology to precise subjects like sovereignty, freedom, and war, labor, property, law, and many more.

It is a fascinating book, a theoretical foundation on which to build a possible new (not utopian) world.  It is also an important book, offering a path to a world now wandering in confusion and (perhaps) self-destruction.  Clearly written with lovely graphics, I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who is sick of starting each day feeling helpless and hopeless.”

Prof. John Mitchell, Seattle University School of Law

“When I first started reading “On Governance”, I realized that I needed to have a completely different approach to it.  It’s not so much a “book” as it is a revelation from another dimension.

I write a great deal about the field of “Societal Transformation” — what will it take to shift our collective consciousness, so that we can create a world that works for all beings.  Franca’s work starts about two stepsabove that… what are the Sacred, Divine societal governance PATTERNS which will inform and shape our consciousness and our hearts?

This is crucially important work.  Much of the “change” work that I see happening on the planet isn’t really change at all.  Without thinking deeply on the Sacred Pattern of governance, we can easily wind up exchanging one dysfunctional system with another.

Those who yearn for “a society of the heart” would do well to study “On Governance.”

Dr. Sharif Abdullah, J.D, Founder, Commonway Institute, Portland

“This is an amazing, inspired book, that gives us hope for making the world a better place for all of us. Thank you, Franca, for your warmth and wisdom. This is “must” reading for all of us in the legal profession.”

Marjorie Carter, lawyer and mediator, St. Louis

“Your book is brilliant and your message vital and timely for our world community to seek peace, justice, freedom and mutual cooperation.”

Robert Mussehl, lawyer and mediator, Seattle

“I am reading ON GOVERNANCE. To see the personal journey to awakening overlaid on the collective journey thru the lens of governance is beyond brilliant. Very inspiring.”

Kerry Lindsay, Flat Rock, NC

“Franca Baroni writes from within the highest stage of evolutionary consciousness yet achieved by a critical mass of humans, as if it were afait accompli and everyone shares the accompanying values and behaviors.  She does not reveal the source of the teachings that have impelled her toward this thrilling evocation, but readers will recognize in her words the many advances in human understanding since ancient Greece and Rome.

She doesn’t have to belabor the question whether the world is a machine or a living being.  From the science of the quantum and cosmology, she assumes without attribution to David Bohm, Brian Swimme, and others, that all beings are intimately interconnected, that integrity demands holding collective intent through the gap from the mutual activity of collapsing the wave of possibilities through to materializing the shared choice from the energetic field.

She knows in her bones, if not by name, the work of Christopher Stone, Thomas Berry, Cormac Cullinan, and Thomas Linzey that property is a relationship, that the freedom of the land to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with other beings bears sacred respect, and that humans as a collective must fulfill a native responsibility to others living in our home planet.  The current buzz castigating corporations does not phase her one bit; she expects them to belly up to the bar of Cor Publicum alongside the rest of us and not only behave, but help create what Jean Houston calls the Possible Society.

Franca imbues her vision of Law and governance with an embodied understanding of advances in physiology, in tandem with sacred teachings, that heart and mind together act as one and transparently, in resonance with and for service to all.  Without mentioning Pierre Teillard de Chardin or Jean Gebser, she intuits the progression of human cultures toward something like an Omega Point.  And, most essentially, she shifts our bearings from the Thing that is shared (Res Publica) to the Heart that is shared!  All of this within the Sacred Geometry of a pyramid restored to structural integrity, within a circle, spinning energetically to birth forms of governance unique to individuated communities and their chosen life together.

Anyone who has tried to announce a new jurisprudence will have encountered Einstein’s truism, that you cannot solve a problem from the mindset that created it. And I must admit that the book is a challenge for me to read, to which I return and return.  For if I know anything in these bones that have been dragged from courtroom to courtroom over a lifetime career, it is that our current legal system must shift before its morphic field  grinds human existence into the detritus it has unwittingly created.  Enough already!

Bravo for giving us a vision of Law and governance from within the farther reaches of our human evolution!”

Libby Comeaux, lawyer, Denver, CO

 “According to the latest statistics, 500,000 books were published last year.  Very, very, very few of these books become bestsellers.  Fewer still become Really Important Books —  important, because they present truly groundbreaking ideas that create a context for something that hasn’t existed before.  Franca Baroni’s recently published book, ON GOVERNANCE, Cor Publicum:  The Evolution of Res Publica, I believe, is just such a book.  If I were given to hyperbole, I just might call it the most important political philosophy book for our new century.  It is written with the firm yet delicate clarity of someone who is comfortable in both the spiritual and practical domains.

In the practical linear domain, Franca holds a J.D. equivalent and a doctorate in law from the University of Basle, Switzerland, and a master’s in comparative law (L.L.M.) from the University of Miami.  She is a member of the New York Bar since 1999 and a member of the Swiss Bar since 1997, and is certified as a mediator with the Supreme Court of Florida.  However — and you will see this when you read this book — she is attuned to a much Higher and deeper Law, and she articulately makes the connection between Universal Law, natural law, and practical governance.  She calls this new “fractal” of Universal Law, Cor Publicum(the heart of the people), and it is — surprise, surprise — based on love, coherence and harmonic resonance.

On Governance gets right to the heart of the matter — which is the matter of the heart — and applies heart wisdom to the monumental task of healing the body politic.  This book speaks with deep articulate clarity, and will enlighten millions who now feel hopeless about our endarkened political situation.  Rather than resisting what is, it lights the pathway for designing the new.  This amazingly clear book is at the heart of reuniting America.    As veil after veil is lifted away from the illusion of self-governance we have today, what will be needed to metabolize the outrage is a practical, spiritual foundation for what we desire instead. On Governance does that.”

Steve Bhaerman, co-author, Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (with Bruce Lipton),Reuniting America:  A Toolkit for Changing the Political Game (with Joseph McCormick), Santa Rosa, CA

“This is a sourcebook for the new social contract based in the emerging consciousness of the intelligent heart. Every paragraph if not every sentence is an aphorism, a statement of principle worthy of study and meditation.  The inspiration seems to come from an advanced space of heart wisdom indeed. This book is going to be a collectors item I am sure in addition to setting off an evolution.”

Wendell Fitzgerald, President of the Henry George School San Francisco, CA

On Governance is astonishing. It is the richest single repository of wisdom regarding our collective agreement I have ever encountered.”

Timothy Nobles, author, Ashland

“If you read just one book this year, you will not want to miss this one. From the first word, I felt a deep and joyful resonance in my heart and being. The authority of universal truth and love transcends the words and pages of Cor Publicum, making this a living document that is vital for our world. As we move into a time where it is crucial that we find new ways to govern, work and live together, ON GOVERNANCE will be our primer. The wisdom, clarity and simplicity of this book will reside in your heart, reminding you of what you already know.”

Jane Faulkner, J.D, Coach&Facilitator, Seattle

“Your book feels important – because I know of no other framework or expression like it, that combines or synthesizes so many of these emerging new elements, in such a broadly inclusive way, combining not only the deep spiritual intuition of co-creative flow, but also framing these ideas in a way that can work in the critical context of politics and democracy.

Many spiritual people today are becoming aware of the broad spiritual principles you describe.  These ideas are grounded in an array of spiritual and “new thought” movements.  At this level, these ideas are emerging with great force and influence – but it is much more rare to take the next step, and see how an entire society might be guided by these principles. From my point of view – this is very powerful.  Or, perhaps I should say, this can be and should become very powerful…

I am fascinated by the content, the vision – and what seem to me to be “the political possibilities” that are inherent within your writing.  I am excited and grateful that you have brought these elements together, and have done it so well, with such deep sensitivity.”

Bruce Schuman, Santa Barbara, CA

“This book has really changed my life and I thank you and bestow all the blessings I can find upon you and its proliferation.  If I wasn’t having sciatica and hip pain, I think I would be walking 2 feet off the ground.  Our book group has adopted it for the next reading and my hope is that a mini-collective will become and experience what we are reading about. Thank you again.”

 Jill Iles, Talent, OR
“I ordered Franca’s book as soon as it was available and I am loving it! It is absolutely engrossing. I’d highly recommend this to anyone – not just the politically-minded. There is an approach within the pages that goes beyond politics and hits at core truths… a very rare find. Get the book and get ready to let it sink in deep.”

Kevin Jolly, videographer/activist, Seattle, WA