THE HEART IS MORE THAN JUST A PUMP! BECOME A CITIZEN OF THE PUBLIC HEART.    Feeling at the brink of a breakthrough or at a dead-end in our world? Be prepared to hear your heart whisper, feel into your body and explore what has the potential to transform us and tackle some of the most complex problems of our time.

Described by audience members as magnificent, compelling, relevant, courageous, life-changing, extraordinary and much more, Franca Baroni’s one-woman show is continuing its journey after a successful premiere in December and acclaimed shows in the Winter and Spring 2018.

A delicate mix of drama and comedy, ACT IN THE PUBLIC HEART is a personal journey on the surface, yet it reveals itself to be much more than that- a multi-layered universal journey providing inspiration and a refreshing context about how to navigate issues of political disillusionment, injustice and fear.

Written & performed by actress, award-winning author and immigration attorney, Franca Baroni, and directed & co-created by Simone Bruyere Fraser, ACT IN THE PUBLIC HEART gives audiences permission to examine the current state of our world through a heart-centered lens. Baroni weaves a compelling tale of discovering the greater heart of humanity through her personal and collective quest for freedom and justice.

Sat, MARCH 16 2019, at 7:30pm at The Jewelbox Theater in Seattle, WA followed by a concert by the band PUSH4LUV

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Fri, MAY 31, 2019, at 7:30pm, Seattle, WA

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Dr. Franca Baroni is a trainer and practicing immigration attorney. She holds a doctorate and masters of law and is admitted to the Bar in New York, Washington State and Switzerland. She is a contributor to the 2017 ABA Publication Lawyers as Changemakers. Her book ON GOVERNANCE Cor Publicum: The Evolution of Res Publica has been recognized as an important book of political philosophy for our new century. As an actress she has been trained by Robyn Lynn Smith, Marya Sea Kaminski, George Lewis, Nike Imoru and others. In 2005, she wrote and performed her first solo show Alive at Freehold, On the Boards and Annex Theater. In 2016, she appeared at Buriens Actor Theater as a lead in Undocumented, playing a Mexican immigrant. Her company Public Heart is committed to inspire heart-intelligent governance and law in society.

Simone Bruyere Fraser began her artistic work as a ballet dancer for ten years in a company in New York. She branched into acting and dramatic work, and received her bachelor’s in a double degree in drama and dance from the University of Washington. She expanded into writing and multimedia arts communication in her master’s degree in Communications from Ithaca College, and Cornell University. She has been in numerous theater productions both for dance and acting, commercials, television, film, print work, and music videos in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington state. She has additionally worked at Saturn Films, Morgan Creek Productions, Creative Artists Agency, Benaroya Pictures, and Nike Imoru Casting. She is the author of The Eightfold Path of the Urban Samurai and What a Fish Can Teach You: and other poems. She was most recently seen in ODE – a stage song directed by John Britton and performed and created by Nike Imoru. She can currently be seen as Virgila in Coriolanus – fight like a Bitch directed by Emily Penick and produced by Rebel Kat productions.

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“No other lawyer could present a more forceful and eloquent argument for being in touch with the pulse within ourselves and within our community, than Franca Baroni’ s moving one-woman show.” William Downing, Former King County Superior Court Judge, Current Arbitrator & Mediator at JAMS

“As an attorney and then law professor, rational, analytic thought have been my bread and butter. But after watching this powerful – and very entertaining- extremely personal performance, I left genuinely intrigued about the potential of heart wisdom in our legal system.” John Mitchell, Professor Emeritus Seattle University School of Law

“As good a one-person-performance as you’ll ever see. It might change your life, it changed mine.” Rice Yeaboah-Baker, Author & Mediator & Actor& Athlete

“It was great fun. So relevant right now in the crazy times we live in.” Dwayne Epp, Architect

“Franca Baroni’s Act In the Public Heart resonated powerfully within my own heart, particularly as a childhood survivor whose own heart has begun the exhilarating, and at times frightening, process of opening up and connecting with the ‘public heart.’ I highly recommend it for all, for those whose hearts are open, for those who yearn for their hearts to be open, and for anyone who has ever felt the need to seek deeper connections, both personally and professionally.”  M.T., Lawyer

“The show was wonderful and plants the seed for a new orientation and focus that is life changing.” Gabrielle Schneck, Lawyer

“In a world that can feel disconnected, limiting and callous, Franca Baron’s piece galvanized me to show up in my life with a renewed sense of openness, courage and zest to metaphorically and physically get out of my chair and dance. Act in the Public Heart was thrilling, refreshing, raw, courageous, playful and deeply moving.” Rianna Hidalgo, Student

“Brave, brilliant, uplifting performance!” Mari Salinas, Playwright & Actor

“Act in the Public Heart is like a good movie that keeps you thinking long after. Extraordinary, fantastic.” Shadia David, Business Owner

“This show was fantastic. It will inspire you to think in different ways about the heart and human condition. Highly recommend!” Monique Love-Broker, Business Owner

“This was the most brave, true, powerful and empowering show I have ever seen”. Diana Fairbank, Cinematic VR; Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

“I laughed and cried, the show is brave and sheds light on the human aspect of immigration law and the importance of adopting a holistic approach to the practice of law. Attorneys should see this show!” Melissa Campos, Lawyer

“Franca Baroni’ s soul-baring performance is riveting. The power and grace in her vulnerability inspire hope and action!” Mavis Tsai, Associate Director, Center for Social Connection, University of Washington

“Act In The Public Heart is an artfully delivered timely statement about the importance of society’s need to inform both our public policy and personal deliberations and actions with the wisdom of what it means to be fully human.” Susanne Marie Bruyere, Director, Employment & Disability Institute at Cornell University, NY

“Franca’s truth, conveyed with such an authentic, alive spirit, dares all of us to leap into the next level of consciousness- the next stage of evolution, collectively centered in the public heart. I am touched and inspired by this teaching that she brings for the transformation of all of us this planet.” Robin Maynard-Dobb, Coach

“Franca provides irrefutable evidence that vulnerability is strength not weakness and that the truths born of embodied experience and loving awareness can transcend mental and material constructs that may be imposed by family, tradition, and institutions.” Vivek Bahl, Community College Professor

“Franca’s physical comedy powers, coupled with the rare ability to dance her stories as she tells them, made her journey deeply engrossing, enchanting, and even electrifying.” Margaret O’Donnell, Lawyer & Playwright

“Nimble, deft, wonderful and transformative, a flawless solo performance.” Terrell Dorsey, CEO & Founder, UTB: Unleash The Brilliance

“I cried during your show and after. And felt so uplifted.” Deli Moussavi-Bock, Business & Leadership Developer

“It was a masterpiece and brilliant.” Angela Meeks, Accountant