Franca_Baroni-smallAmidst my busy schedule as a mother and practicing lawyer, I dedicate two hours per month to the writing of my blog. That is all I have. When I wrote ON GOVERNANCE in 2011 and the Supplement in 2014 it was pretty much the same. I had only a few weeks to dedicate to my writing.

Since writing is a passion that makes my heart sing, the time factor has always been challenging to accept. I was stunned and now immensely grateful to the creative process I found as I dove deeper into my heart. In the past, especially as a lawyer, writing was tedious, time consuming and required a lot of thinking in advance and during the process. Ever since my “aha moment” of simply listening to my heart and surrendering any analysis or preparation to what I call the unknown, writing has become an effortless, efficient, quick and stunningly rewarding process.  I never really know what I will write about until the very moment I sit down at my computer. In advance, I get viscerally inspired by the world around me. I might get the title in the shower or before falling asleep, yet do not indulge in any analysis. I let the inspirations sink in my body without attempting to put any words to them. I surrender the hints I receive to the unknown trusting that words will emerge when the wordless gestation process is complete.

Similarly, when I am asked to give an outline of a workshop I will be offering, I am usually blank. I find out only a few days before after having listened to what wants to emerge in the moment. The same goes when I am asked to speak. For my mind, this process can be nerve-wrecking. I love to be prepared in advance. Yet, I know that the quality of my writing and my creations would be very different if I were not allowing the unknown and the wisdom in my heart to speak through me in this way.

I am sharing my process to inspire all of us to listen more frequently to the wisdom of our heart and let the unknown guide our contributions. I see this process being similar to the conception and gestation of a child: the outcome is quite miraculous and it would be impossible to think our way through it. If we apply this creative process collectively in response to the many issues we face on our planet, we will effortlessly encounter the answers we have sought for a very long time instead of continuing to fight our way through with our minds.

Thank you for allowing cor publicum to flow through your veins and inform your creations.