Dollarphotoclub_65372516Franca is passionate about spreading the understanding and the living experience of the public heart to any group setting. Her voice is accessible to anybody, regardless of the background and the experience of the participants. If you want to invite her to speak or facilitate a workshop, please click here for more information.

Apr 20 and May 3, 2018 at 7.30pm


A Lawyer’s Journey

Described by audience members as “magnificent, compelling, relevant, magical, life-changing, absolutely brilliant, extraordinary…” and much more, FRANCA’S NEW SOLO IS BACK AT THE JEWELBOX THEATER AFTER SOLD OUT SHOWS IN DECEMBER and FEBRUARY

 Tickets go on sale March 12, 2018

Examples of what people are saying about the show:

  • So relevant right now in this crazy selfish time we live in…
  • Your show will help me cope in this crazy world we have today…
  • Nimble, deft, wonderful and transformative, a flawless solo performance…
  • It changed my life…
  • The Public Heart was phenomenon! Really powerful, inspiring and healing…
  • Franca’s truth, conveyed with such an authentic, alive spirit, dares all of us to leap into the next level of consciousness-  the next stage of evolution, collectively centered in the public heart. I am touched and inspired by this teaching that she brings for the transformation of all of us this planet…
  • Franca’s physical comedy powers, coupled with the rare ability to dance her stories as she tells them, made her journey deeply engrossing, enchanting, and even electrifying…
  • Franca provides irrefutable evidence that vulnerability is strength not weakness and that the truths born of embodied experience and loving awareness can transcend mental and material constructs that may be imposed by family, tradition, and institutions…
  • And more…

Special Guest at 2018 Annual Women of Wisdom Conference with Performance of ACT IN THE PUBLIC HEART, Feb 17, 2018, evening

Register Early – Space is Limited! 206.782.3363

This year’s conference is new and different!

Be together in community and connect with other women…Attend one day  Saturday or Sunday or the Full Weekend to experience transformative 3-hour workshops exploring: Creative Arts, Spirituality, Shamanism, Oracles, Herbalism, Body/Mind/Spirit Healing, Self-transformation, Manifestation, and so much more…. in a sacred space. Enjoy chanting, qigong, laughter yoga, belly dance, and inspirational speakers & performers during our shared meals and interactive group activities as we: Share our stories . . . Build nurturing community… Empower each other . . . Transform our world …Table Talks …join a circle to discuss important issues for you-

Every woman is supported, witnessed, valued and inspired to discover her dreams and live her potential!


Fri, March 23, 2018, at 11:30am

24th Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, University of Washington



PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENTS (not incl. workshops)

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…….and many workshops between 1999-2015