Hands together against the sky

As a mother and practicing immigration attorney, my ability to spread cor publicum and travel has been less than my mind desires. Since its release in 2011, my first book ON GOVERNANCE has not been marketed. Nevertheless it has slowly and organically found its way to several hundred people around the country and overseas via word of mouth. Yet, I feel that there are many more people in this country and around the globe ready to breathe with cor publicum.

My heart’s desire is that the reach of cor publicum steadily expands to penetrate governments, academia, organizations, businesses, schools and families and be embraced as a missing key to justice, freedom, dignity, and long-term sustainability for our planet.

I therefore warmly welcome support in circulating my writing (books, blogs and articles) and facilitating opportunities to share my voice to a wider audience.

If you feel that your contribution is in resonance with cor publicum and/or desire to be more actively engaged in the spreading of cor publicum, please click here


Tall golden aspen trees surround the viewer in a thick forest in Colorado.If you are moved to make a financial contribution, I warmly welcome your generosity. Your donations will go to marketing, publishing of my upcoming book, award submissions, publishing in foreign languages, a cor publicum speaking tour to each continent, and a cor publicum curriculum for schools and universities.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for your presence, for diving with me in this journey and for all that you already are and bring to this world….