Aimed at experts and lay people alike, On Governance is a groundbreaking, original essay about a fundamentally new system of governance and law that emerges from the integration of mind and heart. It is a philosophical meditation that presents a clear path for breaking the cycles of polarization and self-destruction into a healthy collective body. It redefines fundamental concepts such as law, freedom, power, justice, sovereignty, property and nation. It lays a foundation for governance at all levels; from nations, corporations, and civil society to other types of collectives.

sm-frontcoverON GOVERNANCE Cor Publicum: The Evolution of Res Publica

Copyright © 2011, Franca Baroni

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SupplementCover2x3WITH SUPPLEMENT (Foreword by Tej Steiner, My Journey Into Cor Publicum, Preamble to On Governance)

Copyright © 2014, Franca Baroni

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New York, May 29, 2013

New York, May 29, 2013

Silver Medal: Classical Studies/Philosophy

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Excerpt from Introduction:

dandelion seeds“As a collective, we never really made the leap into freedom. We have been in the grip of hierarchical forms of government for thousands of years, because of our deep-rooted fear of being unable to handle the unknown—formlessness—and because we have been equating freedom with brutality and the rule of the fittest. For the same reason we have destroyed other healthier forms of government. It is time for making this leap, and if we have the courage to dwell in the unknown of what is next, the new form will emerge more readily and it will most likely be a healthier form, rather than a twisted version of the old form.”